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VPN Setup for home using Raspberry PI and Wemo

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RaspberryPi Wake-On-LAN VPN Wemo Home Network

Almost three years ago I assembled a workstation for my daily use, with I7 4790k processor, 32GB RAM, 3 SSDs and few HDDs. It’s running Windows 10 Pro with Hyper-V to host my SharePoint VMs. I have dozens of VMs(mostly SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint 2016 with search, mysites, apps/add-ins configured) to play around.

But accessing those SharePoint VMs when I travel was tricky.

Raspberry PI for VPN

The solution I choose was installing OpenVPN in a Raspberry Pi and access the workstation and start the required VMs through VPN.
But at the same time I didn’t want my Workstation or even the Pi to run always. Like if I go out for two weeks, and if I want to access them only for few days that too for few hours, then it doesn’t make sense if they(PI & my workstation) were to be up and running all two weeks.

Wemo switch & Wake-On-LAN

So I bought a Wemo smart switch, which can control the power remotely through it’s App. And my Raspberry Pi3’s power supply is connected to it.

Now I can switch on the Raspberry Pi remotely, and when it boots up, in few seconds my VPN is ready !

Once I’m connected to VPN, I can access (Netgear R7000) - my home wifi router’s admin page to start my workstation through Wake-On-LAN. WakeOnLAN will switch on the computer/any device that support Wake-On-LAN if it’s is on Sleep, hibernate or Off (thru Shutdown). It’s a feature supported by most of the computers/laptops, and we need to enable it in Motherboard/BIOS setup.

VPN Setup for home using Raspberry PI and Wemo