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Using Hugo for blogging

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Hugo General

Static Site Generators

I'm quite fascinated by these static site generators, and decided to use it for blogging.

Unlike traditional blogging applications - site generator runs on the local machine and generate static (HTML) files, which can be pushed to a server. So there won't be any request processing on the server. Only those generated files (HTML,CSS,JS & Images) are served.

Plus, we can use gitlab, bitbucket or github to host those static files than maintaining a hosting provider !


Hexo runs on Node.js and it's plug-ins/themes are easy to deploy (ie., using npm) Also rather than using HTML, we can use Markdown to create blog posts. Incase if you want to add hexo clean css plug-in, just run the below command ! It's that simple !!

npm install hexo-clean-css –save

Hugo !

I moved to Hugo because of the easy workflow of publishing wherever I want and all of their configuration and themes are in English!

Let's see if I can migrate my old blog which was running on Dasblog.